Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cast of Characters


Dog Blog Post #997

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Mar 20, 2013 - "Let There Be Light"

Daily Dog Challenge "506. Out of Frame"

While I ultimately went with the shot of Zachary, above, basking in the waning light, an interesting assortment of characters came out after darkness fell.

The Swell

First, there appeared this gentleman, looking rather too fine to be hanging around this part of town...

Night Life?

Down on His Luck

... then this poor fellow came around, with nary a hat to his name...

Night Watch

The Inspector

There must be something afoot, for soon after the Inspector entered the scene, sniffing for clues...

Inspector Zachary

Detective Henry

... followed by Detective Henry.

Can there be any doubt that Kitty, the elusive Cat Burglar, is somehow involved?

Detective Henry

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Unknown said...

As always pawsome pix. Clever you and clever boys.
Have a terrific Thursday.
Best wishes Molly

Unknown said...

I bet you tell great bedtime stories too! I can just see Zachary and Henry in this full blown story :) As always...awesomeness!!

houndstooth said...

I don't know how you picked a favorite out of all those! Each one is a treasure!

Sue and Doug said...

sniffing or praying for a cookie?

LetterstoAndrew said...

Great shots, I love the way you've captioned them.

fromsophiesview said...

Ah, so original! Your dog is so behaved ~~~ kudos!