Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Night Vision Bitey-Face

Night Vision Bitey-Face

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Photography Assignment

Curious to see what the boys do…

Our Daily Challenge - Mar 6, 2013 - "At Night"

… I snuck out of bed, donned my night vision goggles, and crept down the hall.

What did I find?

Yup, they were...

Daily Dog Challenge"492. Upside Down"

… and playing Bitey-Face.

What a shocker.

Also Rans




Yeah, I might have done just a wee bit of post-processing on these.

The first three pictures, above, are (obviously) of the same single shot. The original was taken like any another bitey-face shot with the Speedlight on camera. Cute, upside-down, and having absolutely nothing to do with "At Night".

So at first I pulled the exposure down to darken it some and turned it Black and White.

Not bad.

Then I ripped the B&W off and pulled on the Levels curve some to turn it reddish (similar to the last month's Phoenix shot, but less extreme.)


Finally I decided to try a Color Monochrome on it, and was dragging the cursor all over the spectrum (yellow, blue, red, purple...) when it suddenly dawned on me, "Hey, I could make it look like Night Vision goggles!"

A quick google search showed me a ton of examples and I eye-balled the shade of green from there.

The most was went into the shot below, which actually looked completely black when I first saw it on the computer, as I had forgotten to switch the Speedlight over to remote (oops) so it didn't fire.

A huge shove of the exposure slider and some serious pulling on the Levels curves showed there to be actual pixels there.

Who knew?

Uploading to Flicker showed it to be a whopping 42M, 3-4 times what my shots typically run.

(All those disconnected dots of color and black keep the jpg from compressing.)

I was actually surprised Flickr didn't send it packing. :)

Night Vision Bitey-Face

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