Friday, February 1, 2013

So Many Plans So Little Time

Focus on the boys @ f/5.6

Focus on the curtain @ f/5.6

Focus on the curtain @ f/2.8

Dog Blog Post #950

Photography Assignment

The boys, nice and…

Daily Dog Challenge "459. Cozy - Show us how your dog gets cozy today!"

…, looking...

Our Daily Challenge - Feb 1, 2013 - "Through"

… their camo-sheers.


Golden Retrievers are part of the Sporting/Gundog Group.

Where Did January Go?

I had such great plans for 2013.

First, I was actually going to MAKE a plan - one of those Editorial Calendars the Other Bloggers kept talking about so much - with monthly themes and plans for each week of varied postings and topics.

Then, I was going to follow through with it.

I would skillfully weave together the daily Flickr challenge photos, those funky holiday's (like Penguin Awareness Day), and my theme for this year (Growing Up Dog) into meaningful blog postings based on the above Editorial Calendar.

THEN I would produce a Golden Alphabet mosaic EACH MONTH with each letter represented somehow (example: yesterday's Immortal post gave me that elusive 'Q' for Quote) - just because I thought it was a cool idea.


Well, I actually did create a very basic Editorial Calendar, with a theme for each and every month.

( FWIW: January was "New Beginnings". Yeah, I know, you'd never guess it from anything I shot or posted, but as I was actually working behind the scenes to create the REST of the years plan perhaps I can give myself a bit of slack there. )

And I did create the shots for the mosiac - all but V and X - but the mosaic itself is but a dream.

The rest?

Well, there's always next month.

That would be Friendship Month.

How hard can that be?


All right, who threw a net over Kitty?

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Mariodacat said...

Hi new friends. We're popping in to say hi from the Blog Hop. M says you both are a couple of cuties.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain! I, too, was going to develop a blogging game plan...get more things accomplished...lose weight...strengthen my 'core'....LOL Maybe this month! Happy Weekend.

Sage said...

Know how you feel! Any more, I go from day to day, but they seem to be getting shorter too!

Love the way the curtain matches the boys!

houndstooth said...

I think the photos turned out fabulously! I love the way you framed them.

There's always February! :)