Sunday, February 17, 2013


"Are we done?"

What do you think?


"Definitely done."

"Better be done."

Dog Blog Post #967

Photography Assignment

The boys spent the day cleaning…

Daily Dog Challenge "475. Setting the Tone"

… of the today's shoot to be "exhausted", and leaving them...

Our Daily Challenge - Feb 17, 2013 - "In the Mood"

… for a much delayed nap.

(Or was that me that spent the day cleaning, and they're exhausted just watching?)

The Rest

I loved how the lighting turned out today, so I broken my "absolutely no more than six pictures" rule and uploaded seven (plus a lighting diagram.)

What's This?
"A rose by any other name..."

What's This?
"... would smell as sweet."

Very funny, you two.

"I'm not lifting a paw to dust another darned thing."

Lighting Diagram

And for the curious, below is an approximation of what I did (created using the Strobox iPhone app.)

Obviously, my background was black and not white - the app is strangely lacking in that regard - and my model was canine and not human (probably not so strange, but just as annoying).

The camera really was offset like that so it can "see" around the sofa, as I'm shooting from the back of the family room into the kitchen.

And finally, and perhaps not so obviously from the looking at the images, my reflector was turned black side out making it an anti-reflector.

Why an anti-reflector?

Because behind the anti-reflector was a big white double-door refrigerator, which does a marvelous job of reflecting light, and I was looking for something a bit more... dramatic.

Mischief Monday

I'll leave it to the viewer to decide if me making the boys dust is the mischief, or them quoted Shakespeare is.

My vote is on the app not having a canine model.

Really, would that be too much too ask?

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Sue and Doug said...

dusting and swiffering is never done when you have a golden or two!

Tootsie said...

Wonderful photography and use of light! :)

houndstooth said...

I love that lighting! Wowzers! You could have taken a picture of them doing anything and made it gorgeous.