Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Graduates

The Graduate

The Graduate

Dog Blog Post #714: For the Daily Dog Challenge a few days ago, we had...

216. A Little Formality - Try to take a formal portrait of your dog today. Think about the background, props and other things you need to make the photo a portrait.


Scavenge Challenge June 2012 - "17. Make a formal portrait ("head shot") of a companion animal (yours or a friend's)."

A Graduation picture is about as formal a shot as I could think of, and it just so happened that Son graduated from High School this week.

With honors! :)

Our Daily Challenge- June 9, 2012 - "Young At Heart"

Oh, how quickly they grow up. One moment they are babes in your arms, and the next they are graduating from High School.

What happened in between - the joys of being a parent of a wonderful son - has kept me young at heart.

The Graduate

The Graduate

Editor's Note: A bit of a delay for this one, as I had to wait until Son had graduated before I risked borrowing his cap!

P.S. That was Henry's tail yesterday.

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houndstooth said...

Those portraits are perfect! I'm sure a little dog hair would have just made your son look even more fashionable! ;)

Sage said...

Congratulations to your son. Henry and Zachary were perfect models--they should have walked with him!

And yes, the time you have with him growing up is precious.