Monday, June 18, 2012

Dogs in Pearls

Dog in Pearls

Dog in Pearls

Dog Blog Post #722: Things didn't go quite as planned today, although I'd be lying if I said I didn't like the two shots above. They do happen to work for...

Daily Dog Challenge "230. Unexpected Juxtaposition - Some things go together (like Retrievers and tennis balls) but today think of two things people don't expect to see together!"

... assuming the boys count for one of those two things, in which case we have a Retriever wearing a pearl necklace - not an everyday occurrence, at least not at my household.

What I wanted to do was add in...

Our Daily Challenge - June 17. 2012 - "Box"

... and make it look something like this...

Beads and Box

The box was a gift from my Grandma, over 30 years ago.

But it was past 10pm, all of us were tired, and I managed to clip the top off BOTH dogs in all four shots that I took of them.

Some photographer, eh?

Serves me right for putting off the shots until so late. I'd love to blame it my lovely 50mm prime and the fact I need to move the tripod if I want to "zoom out", but as I can't remember the last time I decapitated the boys (i.e. not that hard to look through the viewfinder than back up a foot or two) and adore the lens, I guess I'll just have to shoulder the blame myself.

As for Mischief? Well, I put my boy dogs in pearls. 'Nuff said.

Beads and Box

Beads and Box

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Sue and Doug said...

so pretty!!..who would have thought that a Golden would look good in pearls!

Mister Marmee said...

Very nicely done. Things may not go as planned but one would never know. I have joined your blog and invite you to visit my new blog as well.

Alfie | Alfie' Blog said...

Roooo the boys look like two little primadonnas in their pearls! *waggy tail*

houndstooth said...

Those boys of yours could sell those pearls! Your next Golden really needs to be a young lady, I think! lol That box is beautiful, too! I love it!

Colby said...

Lovely pearls! Do you have a Golden Retriever grooming guide? I could use some tips for my Golden.