Thursday, December 9, 2010

Walk This Way

Dog Blog Post #170: With puppy shots concluded, Henry was freed this past week to join us on our daily walks, turning what once was a pleasant chance for hubby and I to chat and get fresh air, into a dangerous exercise in moving target avoidance.

That is, the little guy was constantly underfoot, over foot, wrapped around feet, and not even on his own feet, as he bounced up and down in hopes someone would pick him up.


A Golden Retriever.

(Most embarrassing)

Pace wasn't a problem. He could more than keep up, traveling at a lovely trot that sadly will go away once he gets big enough to find that gait doesn't work with such pokey humans.

No, It was (mostly) a general lack of understanding as to the purpose of the walk. That ribbon of sidewalk stretching before him just didn't seem to suggest, "Walk This Way!" Instead, he would veer right (in front of me) into the grass, then shoot left (in front of me) to see the shrubs on the other side, then careen back again, clipping Zachary's heels, causing him to stop, causing hubby to stop, causing Henry to stop, and me (who was looking down, trying to avoid tripping over Henry in the first pace) to plow into the accumulation of bodies in front me.

(It wasn't pretty)

More than once, my reflexes were tested as little sit-and-stare decided to jump in front of me, stop dead, and (I'm not kidding) sit and stare.

(That also wasn't pretty)

Thankfully, all that was (mostly) just a phase - especially the pogo-ing and careening part, and he can now walk (almost bravely) past raising garage doors, closing front doors, and barking dogs (mostly).

Tonight was his best night yet, for not only did he (mostly) stay on the sidewalk, he (mostly) walked straight ahead. He even had stretches when he (mostly) walked beside me - of his own accord!

(I've never had a dog want to walk beside me before. It's a rather novel experience, one I rather much enjoyed, however temporary the phenomenon might be.)

I still want to get him a no-pull harness. Zachary prefers his harness to a collar, and so it seems only fair to give Henry the same choice. (Zachary is convinced that collars are for lesser creatures, and always seems quite offended when I actually put a real one on him.)


Wendy Krehbiel said...

He looks HUGE compared to the last time I saw him (was it really only a few weeks ago?)

Annieke said...

Whoa! Look at him! He's gettin' BIG!

BZ Dogs said...

Hmmm... he does look big in that shot doesn't he? No - he's not really THAT big. I'm thinking there is an optical effect going on, and his legs are pretty long compared to the rest of him.

Consider that the two shots at the top of the post were taken with a day or two of the bottom one.

Kiyi Kiyi said...

Awwww that last picture is so cute! It could be on a Hallmark card!