Saturday, December 4, 2010

Preschool Results

Dog Blog Post #167: Here's Henry's first Report Card. I think he did pretty well, although I admit I might be a tad biased!

Most things were A's, meaning he mastered the item as well as I could possibly have hoped for. A surprising number are A+'s, meaning I had no idea such a young (Golden Retriever) puppy could do (whatever it is) so well.

All is not perfect, however, and he did receive 3 B's. The first and last are for leash walking, and I blame my overly conservative vet (and my cowardice at contradicting her) for our late start in this area. The third B is entirely my fault - I simply didn't spend as much time grooming as I should have. That's not to say I can't groom him, he's just not as oblivious to it as I would like.

The fact he didn't get C was more a technicality of the wording of the skill. For the first one, it was merely "accustomed". If that meant "comfortable wearing", then he should get an "A". If it meant "knows he is supposed to walk in a relatively straight line", then he deserves a "C" (at best). So I split the difference. For the second I emphasized "minimal pulling", and that's basically true. But he's still all over the place! Again - I split the difference and gave him a B.

(For the curious, his Tricks are to Spin (left and right) and catch a cookie tossed to him.)

Now, on to Primary School!

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