Thursday, October 7, 2010

Puppy Progress

Dog Blog Post #137: Henry is now 10 weeks old, and it's amazing what he has learned!

He knows:
  • ... the hand signal for Sit, Down, Target, and that a closed fist means Zen
  • ... when mommy calls, and you come running, you get something really tasty
  • ... a click means a treat
  • ... if mommy puts a mat somewhere, it's a good idea to go over and lay on it
  • ... Sit and Stare is always profitable
  • ... mommy doesn't pick you up unless you are Sitting and Staring
  • ... a crate with a comfy pad, a wooly toy, and a frozen yogurt KONG in it is as good a place to sleep as any
  • ... peanut butter is wonderful
  • ... one should always go outside to potty, even if it's raining
  • ... banging on the baby gate in front of the screen door gets you outside to go potty
  • ... scratching on the slider (if closed) also gets you outside to go potty
  • ... if all else fails, whimper loudly to get outside to go potty
  • ... if you hold still, mommy dries your fur off when you come back inside and the grass was wet, and that's a good thing
  • ... chasing a ball is fun, and bringing the ball back to mommy keeps the game going
  • ... chewing on something other than mommy keeps the fun going longer
  • ... if mommy stops tugging and cups your chin in her hand, and you let go, then the game becomes even more fun than it was when she stopped
  • ... if you're really gentle, mommy will let you "hold" her hand in your mouth
  • ... being carried is wonderful
  • ... kids are nice, adults are nice, old people are nice, and did I mention that Sit and Stare is profitable?
  • ... kids wear weird clothing, strange helmets, and sometimes no shirts at all! But they are still kids. Did I mention that kids are nice?
  • ... crying babies are boring and can safely be ignored
  • ... chewies held by mommy are much better than chewies not held by mommy
  • ... chewies Uncle Zachary has "started" are much easier to chew than brand new ones
  • ... Uncle Zachary is a total pushover (at least for now)

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