Monday, October 11, 2010

Crate Time

Dog Blog Post #139: I crate Henry when I can't be home with him, and he has taken to it very readily.

I credit that success to several things.

1. He's always ready to take a nap before I crate him. If need be, I engage in active play with him to wear him out before hand!

2. The crate is never used as a punishment, time out, or "holding area" if I'm too busy to watch him. He's only in the crate if I'm not in the house.

3. The crate is comfy, with a soft pad, a snuggly toy, and a tasty treat that he only gets when he's in the crate. I've been using Vanilla Yogurt, slathered on a teething Kong, and frozen for at least a few hours in the freezer.

Henry loves his frozen Kong, and runs to his crate when he sees me pulling one out of the freezer. He prances around as I open the door, and rushes inside once it's open. When I put the Kong down, he immediately curls up around it and begins long, contented licks.

No whimpers, no whines - he doesn't even seem to notice that I have closed the door!

My son reports that he never makes a sound, and is soon fast asleep, and stays asleep until I return several hours later.

I know some people don't like the thought of crating their puppy, but for us it's a Good Thing!

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