Tuesday, January 7, 2020

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Dog Blog Post #2525

What a handsome pair!

Toby was such a good boy. I was able to sidle them up together (using Cookies) without issue and Toby sat tall and straight.

The collars and ties were all handmade - the collar from a pattern of just collars, modified to accommodate a dogs much thicker neck. The tie was kinda based on a dog clothes pattern, but mostly just playing around until I was happy.

The "knot" is a clip-on form (thank you Amazon) plus a YouTube video by a very helpful guy who shows how to wrap a scavenged tie around it.

Photography Assignment

120 Pictures in 2020 - #108. Ties

Our Daily Challenge - Jan 7, 2020 - "Repeating"

Two dogs, two collars, two ties!

100x in 2020: #5

Behind the Scenes

Welcome to my "Studio" (aka Kitchen)!

This is my standard setup, used for the vast majority of pictures.

The black stretchy velvet fabric is binder-clipped to a pair of stacked tri-fold (science fair style) pieces of cardboard, with the fabric edges stretched left and right by additional binder clips tucked into handy drawers.

The reflector is clipped to the fridge handle on the left, and the umbrella (behind which sits the flash - not used for this shot) is off to the right.

The towel roll in the corner is to keep Toby from shoving a Lacrosse Ball into the hole he made in the baseboard (sigh) - yet another fix-it project on the list.

Speaking of Toby, I was particularly pleased that he stayed where I put him as I'm standing a good 15 feet back to get this shot using my iPhone - originally normal focus and then this shot which was 2x.

I was prepared to take this shot with just Henry, but Toby didn't want to be left out of the possibility of Cookies.

Daily Dog Challenge 2974. "It's Routine"

120 Pictures in 2020 - #34. Daily Ritual

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24 Paws of Love said...

Love the behind the scene shot and the reason for the towel. bol!

Furries said...

The boys have completely different expressions.
I was wondering what the rolled-up towel was for. Now I know! :-) He must have been determined to make a hole that low on the cabinet / floor.