Thursday, April 5, 2018

Waiting for Diner

Waiting For Dinner
Henry... waiting

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Where's Staff when you need them?

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 2346. "Symmetry"

Well, I tried.

Zachary's shot was marginally more symmetrical, but as it was practically identical to a shot I took in late February (oops) you get Henry.

Seriously, if I had tried to duplicate Zachary's earlier shot I couldn't have gotten it any closer.

Besides, who doesn't love a picture of Henry?

Our Daily Challenge - April 5, 2018 - "Reflected Selfie"

I'm the (upside-down) baby-blue strip on the side of the dog bowl.

As I was kneeling on the floor, logic says my right hand is on the floor at the top of the bowl, putting my tilted-head at the bottom. That would have my left arm wrapped around my neck, firing the remote over my shoulder at the camera somewhat behind me.

The fact I seem to be pointing over the wrong shoulder is a bit troubling, but then I'm also upside-down so maybe it all works out in the end.

I'm a bit surprised how small I am, since I was close enough to catch the side of my head in a nearly identical shot.

Henry is focused solely on the two little Cookies on the bottom of the otherwise empty dog bowl.

Since he is absolutely certain he's going to get them (and he did - plus more) he'll sit there motionless for - essentially forever - waiting patiently for the good word to eat them.

Yes, the bowl is huge... and shiny... and as I've mentioned before, it's only used as a prop.

The boys Real Bowls heavy ceramic with rainbow paw prints on the side, since they are easy to keep clean and always stay put.

100x : 2018 - #33

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1 comment:

Furries said...

That's a fantastic photo. I wondered how you kept that bowl so shiny - good to know it's a prop and the boys don't use it.
I love all the floof around Henry's left ear. And the 'puffy' face with his head down is adorable.