Tuesday, April 10, 2018

One of Those Days

The Good Life
Mr. Henry

Dog Blog Post #2475

The boys enjoyed a change of routine earlier in the evening and were still a bit too wound up to put their best into their modeling tonight.

Of course, they were not concerned.

Their Modeling Contract stipulates they get full wages even when the effort is, shall we say, substandard.

No worries, tomorrow dawns another challenge (or two) and a fresh opportunity to redeem their good names.

And more Cookies.

Truth in Advertising: Henry was most definitely NOT serious during this shoot, and I was rather surprised to find this image in the set.

Those darn Cookie Bags were as slippery as could be, and both dogs were quite intrigued by them.

In the end, while I liked Zachary's shot better (also uploaded) because it was a more accurate portrayal of the shoot (sigh) I went with this one because you could sort of see what was in the bags.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - April 10, 2018 - "Purple"

Daily Dog Challenge 2351. "Rich"

Alas, the "golden" bone Cookies weren't nearly as as obvious in the purple bags as I had hoped, and the golden bags were too small to hold them.

Live and learn.

The Good Life
Zachary: "He he he... ho ho ho... snort!"


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Furries said...

I like both photos. And I like the terms of their contract. Raven has a similar contract - free everything, no conditions!