Sunday, September 17, 2017



The boys on the sofa - each a...

Daily Dog Challenge 2146. "Reflection

... of the other.

Dog Blog Post #2446


Shhhh 37/52

Daily Dog Challenge 2145. "A Pair"

... of pooped puppies, after spending the day at the Day Spa.

Zachary clearly drew the better lot today.

Autotagging: The boys are NOT going to be impressed.


Sleepy Tigger

A hat...

Daily Dog Challenge 2144. "On Top"

... of Henry, who is on top of the sofa.

(Yes, I promise those three pictures were taken on different days!)


Weather has been lovely... the yard has been calling...

Light and Shadow... and Henry

Daily Dog Challenge 2143. "Atmospheric"

Henry, looking up from grazing on a tufty patch of "lawn".

Our suburban backyard has taken quite a beating over the past few years due to drought, water restrictions, and a prolific Privet in the neighbor's yard, which scattered seeds by the hundreds on our side of the fence before the neighbor got wise and ripped it out.

Privets must be impervious to drought and water restrictions, as we ended up with a veritable forest of sapling volunteers, ranging from a few inches to 12' tall - some covered in ripening berries of their own!

(My discouraged neglect might have played a small part in it... perhaps... just a bit...)

Don't believe me? The rock wall on the left side of the picture was completely hidden and you would never have known that there was a patio behind it.

Hubby's new JawSaw, my long-handled pruner, and a couple months spent filling our two 96 gallon green waste bins one week at time (lather, rinse, repeat... repeat... repeat) and we are down to the last few stragglers.

I'm standing in what I only semi-jokingly call my "Spooky Forest" - created by an overgrown (understatement) hedge of Xylosma on the left, now 15' tall trees spreading just as wide.

Below a happy, healthy, leafy canopy is a twisty, gnarly, spiderweb infested mess of drooping dead twigs and small branches.

And under that is me, taking this picture.

But never fear - my trusty pruner is here, and snip by snip, bin by bin, I will bring these monsters to heel.

FWIW: I created a Flickr group to track my progress: and some of the most recent pictures show the underside of the Xylosma, including a panorama. :)


Henry (thinking) : "Earplugs?"

Poor Henry, looks like his fortune cookie was right: "The one who snores will always fall asleep first."

Daily Dog Challenge 2142. "Fortune Cookie Day"

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Furries said...

I can't even figure out what body parts are in the first photo! Privets are very hardy and I'm sorry you're having such a battle with yours (or your neighbor's). I think your yard looks lovely. Lots of space for the boys to romp.