Sunday, September 3, 2017

Keeping Cool

Keeping Cool
Henry: "Zzzzz"

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Taken by the light of a headlamp.

Thankfully, this wasn't due to loss of power. Rather, I was reading by headlamp (worn by a handy stuffed animal beside me) to keep the heat load down inside the house (no overhead lights) - and reduce the electricity draw on the grid - as we sizzled through our third day of triple digit heat.

Because nobody wants to lose power when it's 110F outside.

Thankfully, PG&E keep the power on (and the A/C humming) so we could coast comfortably through a quiet (albeit rather dark) afternoon.

The curtains were tightly closed and the porch shade was down. As an added layer of protection I slipped my photography backboards behind the blinds in the front window. Even though the windows were already protected by the shade on the outside, and the blinds on the inside, the living room temp still dropped 2F after I did that.

Today was supposed to be the hottest of the weekend, with tomorrow promising to be a few degrees cooler (still 100+) before falling back into normal "It's too darn hot" range.

By midweek the forecast is for highs 30-40 degrees cooler than today, and that's perfectly fine with me.

Photography Assignment

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Daily Dog Challenge 2131. "Chill"

Truth in Advertising: No, it wasn't quite THAT dark in the house at 3pm. Although Henry and the sofa are as basically as shot, the background (kitchen) might have had The Mask of Photoshop applied to it. :)

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Furries said...

Very interesting lighting in that photo.
We've put LED bulbs in some of our lamps (I don't like fluorescent bulbs). They're pricey, but wonderfully cool. During the heat we keep our big plasma tv "heater" off and use the small tv in the bedroom.