Monday, June 26, 2017

Sink or Swim

Ok... let me explain.

Hubby and Son have taken over the computer for a Very Important Project (hmmm...) leaving me barely enough time to process and post to Flickr.

The fact that most of last week was blazing hot didn't help.

That said, here's a quick peak back in time...


Saving the Cookie 25/52
Mr. Zachary

This didn't turn out as planned.

I assumed this would be a "Henry Shot" - as the pup is normally a total slob when he drinks.

I drop a cookie in the bowl, he goes snorkeling for it, water goes everywhere, ta-da!

And that's exactly what happened.

The floor was a disaster by the time he was done.

The Titanic probably sank in less water.

Alas, the Photographer was stupid and wasn't paying attention to her flash, which - due to dying batteries - wasn't really flashing.


Batter up!

Zachary was now on deck.

Mr. Prissy Drinker himself.

The dog who acts like he's going to melt if so much as a drop of moisture gets on his muzzle.

The dog who stared at the Cookie I'd just dropped in the bowl and then patiently waited for me to fish it out for him.

Yeah, that Zachary.

Only I didn't go fishing, I just sat there pointing to the increasingly soggy Cookie, giving him my cheeriest "Find it!" cue.

He looked at me like I was nuts.

Zachary: "The Cookie is right there, Mom. Drowning."

Me: "Save it!"

Zachary: "I'll get wet."

Me: "You'll get a Cookie."

Thankfully, Zachary found his inner life-guard and I got my shot.


Daily Dog Challenge 2062. "Refreshing"

Our Daily Challenge - June 25, 2017 - "Water"

A Moment Too Soon
Henry, before the flash died



Daily Dog Challenge 2061. "Lost in Thought"

Our Daily Challenge - June 24, 2017 - "The Eyes Have It"

I have no idea why Henry is licking his lips. Perhaps Zachary should be worried.


Movie Time
The Movie Reviewer and The Pup

What better way to spend a hot afternoon than watching a good movie in a nice cool theater?

As Zachary pens movie reviews for the local paper, it was only natural for Henry to tag along for...

Daily Dog Challenge 2060. "Take Your Dog To Work"

... Day (June 23).

Gee, I sure hope the movie was rated P (for Puppy).

Our Daily Challenge - June 23, 2017 - "Movie Time"

Movie Time
Uh oh

Movie Time
Henry: "Didn't Mom said no Poodle Pictures?"


Dog Noir
Mr. Zachary

The boys retreat to the hardwood floor and stone tiles when the temps rise in the house.

At 78F, inside the house is a...

Our Daily Challenge - June 21, 2017 - "A Great Place To Be"

... compared to the outside temp of 106F.

The line of dogs extends into the distance and disappears...

Daily Dog Challenge 2059. "Around the Corner"

(Forecast is for temps to drop into the 90's this weekend and possibly back into the 80's next week. Pretty sure the boys have paws crossed on that.)

Dog Noir
The Lineup


Golden Hills
Golden Hills

Stepped out of the studio to take a few happy-snappies of the...

Our Daily Challenge - June 21, 2017 - "Horizon"

..., or at least as good as I could do with these darned hills in the way.

Alas, being late in the day, the color came out a bit...

Daily Dog Challenge 2058. "Flat"

I believe that's Mt. Henry in the distance, with the foothills in the mid-range dropping down to the headlands to the left.

(The high was 103F outside, 80F inside, and the Models weren't budging.)

Golden Hills
Plains and Hills


No Shame
No Shame


Daily Dog Challenge 2057. "Abundance"

... of Henry fluff, and...

Our Daily Challenge - June 20, 2017 - "Four or More"

... paws visible.

Looks like it's time to have Henry's lower belly shaved again at the day spa.

He had a rather bad bout of Hot Spot down there last year, and we're hoping that having less fluff during the summer heat will keep his skin drier and healthier.

Thankfully, unless he's splayed out like this, you'll never know.

Zachary has far less fur there naturally without being shaved at all.

Happy Henry


Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
Sleepy Henry

Still to hot.

Daily Dog Challenge 2056. "Pale"

Our Daily Challenge - June 19, 2017 - "Cream or Creamy"

Dog Blog Post #2427


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Furries said...

The story that accompanies the water photos is funny. The other day we saw a puppy bobbing for ice cubes.
The lighting in the first movie scene is very ice.
Sleepy Henry is precious.