Friday, February 20, 2015


Who wants to be a Vampire?

The Boys
Zachary: "Vampire?"

"Cheesy Burgers"

No no no.

If Google images are to be believed, Twilight Vampires don't smile.

Zachary: (gasp)

In fact, they don't seem to show any emotion at all.


I give up.

(No, really, I did - well, accept for my favorite shot (more like the best of the worst) at the very bottom of this post. This shoot was frankly doomed from the start.)

If you, like me, have neither seen the Movie nor read the book, you're probably pretty confused...

Actually, even if you had seen the Movie or read the book, you would STILL be pretty confused as those images look basically NOTHING like the image I was trying to recreate.

(Try Googling "Twilight" and look at the images to see what I mean.)

Dog Blog Post #1699

I took a literary instead of literal approach.

Presenting Twilight the Book/Movie.

(This is where I probably should admit I have never seen/read either.)

But I found this nice image on Google and thought - how hard could that be to reproduce?

Ridiculously hard, apparently, and none of my shots came even close.

In fact, this was SO bad that I'm not even going to put it on my Try Again list.

Nope, this idea's going straight to the round file.

For the curious, I played with the lighting by shooting the second softboxed-flash at the reflector on the left to try to "wash" out the image, then finished the job by desaturating in Aperture for my favorite shot (below).

It was effective, although I really do dislike the effect and can't image I'll ever use again except for novelty shots liked his one.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Feb 20 2015 - "Twilight"

Daily Dog Challenge 1207. "Puppy Love"

It's a teen movie, right? So I figure that qualifies as Puppy Love.

Vampire Puppy Love.

Yes, my years are showing. :)

The "Winning" Picture

Golden Twilight

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LOL but we did like golden twilight. Have a super Saturday.
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