Monday, October 27, 2014

Ghost Cat

Spooky Stories
Zachary: "Click click click went the Ghost Cat's Claws across the marble floor…"
Henry: (gulp)

Spooky Stories
Zachary: "… and then he let out a maniacal laugh, "BWHAHAHAHAHA!"
Henry: (whimper)

Zachary, you aren't reading anything too scary, are you?

Spooky Stories
Zachary: "No Mom. I let Henry pick the story this time."
Henry: "I'm a big boy now, Momma."

Uh huh… and the Scary Thing that lives under the sofa?

I'm sure Zachary doesn't want to have to stay up ALL NIGHT with a flashlight to keep it away.


Eh hem.

Spooky Stories
Henry: "After hearing this story, I'm sure it's run far, far away."
Zachary: (gulp)

Dog Blog Post #1584

I sure hope Zachary doesn't give Henry nightmares.


Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Oct 27, 2014 - "Something to Sit On"

Daily Dog Challenge 1091. "Tell A Story"

Spooky Stories
Zachary: "…and then Casper the Friendly Ghost…"

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Unknown said...

Oh we so love a bit of spookiness. No worries here. Now fireworks is another story. Have a terrific Tuesday.
Best wishes Molly