Friday, July 4, 2014

Stars and Stripes

Star Spangled Background
Zachary: "What's the Challenge?"
Henry: "Looks like a party."

Something about "Dynamic Tension" and stripes.

Here, how about some hats.

And Zachary, why don't you hold this ribbon while I hold the other.

Zachary: "Oops, didn't smile."
Henry: "Oooph!"

Ok… no hats.

Wait. Who has the flag ribbon???

Decorating for the 4th
Zachary: "Too high."
Henry: "My blue ribbon isn't in the picture."


Dog Blog Post #1468

Uh… no.

This isn't what I'd pictured in my head before I started.

The ribbons are clipped to the old lightweight Aluminum tripod on the right and either held by me (flag) or Zachary (red) on the left.

Visions of ribbons meeting merrily in the center and radiating outward collided with the reality of my having one hand to hold the ribbons, one hand to fire the remote, and two dog heads to somehow fit in the middle.

The middle that I couldn't see as the camera (sitting on the floor) and I were 6-10 feet apart.


Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Jul 4, 2014 - "Dynamic Tension"

Daily Dog Challenge 976. "Stripes"

Decorating for the 4th
Zachary: "Wow… she does look tense."
Henry: "And hopping around quite dynamically."

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M. K. Clinton said...

Isn't it funny the dogs stay so calm while we work frantically to capture just the right shot? I always laugh at their captions!