Monday, July 7, 2014

With a Leaf

Ok, guys.

What can you think of to do with…

… a Leaf.

With a Leaf
Zachary: "It smells funny, but it looks like the plume from the silly hat."

With a Leaf
Henry: "I can do that!"

With a Leaf
Zachary: "Forget the hat."

With a Leaf
Henry: "Thinking… Thinking… Thinking…"

With a Leaf
Henry: "Nothing coming to mind."

With a Leaf
Zachary: "Still think it smells funny."

Dog Blog Post #1472

The boys with a Chinese Pistache Leaf.

A rather droopy Chinese Pistache leaf.

Much droopier than I thought it was going to be when I brought it in for pictures!

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Jul 7, 2014 - "Leaf"

Daily Dog Challenge 979. "5-7: One Prop"

The idea was to take 5-7 different pictures with the same prop.

I took the same assortment of shots with each dog: a macro with dog background, a shot of the leaf on the head, a dangling leaf, and a leaf in the hat (at least one of each type is shown).

Additionally, Henry had a "praying" shot, and Zachary had a "tail" shot (not uploaded).

With the exception of the hat shot, even the matching shots were somewhat different, e.g. Zachary had a sideways leaf on his head (shown) while Henry's ran down his muzzle.

With a Leaf
Henry: "All done. Cookie me, Momma!"

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