Thursday, July 4, 2013

True Love

Hot Dog
Henry: "There you are, my love! I thought you'd left me."

Hot Dog
Henry: "You make life worth living."

Hot Dog
Henry: "Your cooling whispers are music to my ears."

Hot Dog
Zachary: "Ahhhhhhhhhh"

Look closely at the two pictures, above.

See their ears? Yes, that's the underside in both cases. Notice how Zachary's ears (bottom) are pink skin with just a few wisps of hair near the end.

See how Henry's are so thickly covered it's hard to distinguish them from the rest of his furry self? That's pretty much how Henry is - all over - and might go a long way toward explaining why he spends a good portion of his day parked in front of the fan.

Don't worry, the fan lives inside an ex-pen - keeping dog and fan safely separated.

Zachary, with a tummy that looks about like his ear, prefers to lay flat on his stomach on the stone entry tiles. Can't say it looks comfy to me, but it seems to work for him.

Dog Blog Post #1104

Day Seven of triple-digit heat.

The forecast is for tomorrow's high to be 21 degrees (F) cooler than today.

I'm thinking the heat's addled our weather person, but I sure hope they are right.

So do the boys.

So does our overworked A/C.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - July 4, 2013 - "Emotional Resonance"

Hey, if you were wearing a permanent fur coat you'd get emotional about a heat wave, too!

Daily Dog Challenge "612. A Picture Tells A Story"

Double Take

Zachary, what are you doing?

Hot Dog
Zachary: "Cooling my tongue."

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GOOSE said...

Hahhahha cooling the tongue. Just don't get it caught in there buddy.

KB said...

That series of photos tells a great story! Hope your addled weather person is right!

Sue and Doug said...

we love our fans and air conditioner here too!! stay cool boyz!

Unknown said...

Stay cool guts. Have a fabulous Friday.
Best wishes Molly

Pup Fan said...

Love these! I'm pretty sure Bella's true love is the air vent in my bedroom.