Monday, July 15, 2013


Zachary - going after a tossed treat

Zachary - rearing for a held treat.
This is trick he knows on cue, and a pose he can hold for several seconds.
It's also one of the few times you'll see his tail fully extended.

Henry - showing what a bad aim I am (treat just visible to right of his head)

Henry: "Getting tired, Momma."

Henry: "Ok - maybe one more time!"

Dog Blog Post #1115

Must say I was quite impressed with the boys athleticism today.

When the boys see my hand go into a Cookie throwing motion, they Commit to their best guess as to its trajectory.

No surprises here - I pulled out my favorite black stretchy velvet fabric to get the highest Contrast between dog and background.

Truth in advertising #1: The dogs are big. My kitchen is not. Most of the pictures in this series had their far right edge cloned black to obliterate the cabinets, which the fabric didn't quite cover.

Truth in advertising #2: I was tossing good sized pieces of Oat Nut bread today, not Cookies, as I felt it would be easier to see.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - July 15, 2013 - "Commit"

Daily Dog Challenge "623. Contrast"



... where I learned the camera need to be a wee bit further back!

This is Henry. He could easily lick my chin - probably even higher - if he wanted to.

I included this to give folks a chance to see how tall the boys can be when motivated. :)

Alas, by the time I got the camera positioned right, Henry was starting to tire - or at least his heart wasn't it in nearly as much as the early shots.

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Unknown said...

Love it. Golden glory. Have a terrific Tuesday.
Best wishes Molly

houndstooth said...

Oh man, I really love these! I've wanted to try doing this with Kuster, outside, because the boy is like a darned kangaroo!