Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bedtime Story

Bedtime Story
Zachary: "Come on Mom. It's Story Time!"

Bedtime Story
Me: "Calvin's Mom says, 'Rise and Shine Calvin!'. There's Calvin fast asleep in bed."

Bedtime Story
Me: "Calvin's Mom, 'The early bird gets the worm!'"

Bedtime Story
Me: "Calvin says, 'Big Incentive."

Dog Blog Post #1123

Calvin and Hobbes for just $1!

And it's in pretty good condition, too.

The boys were thrilled when I pulled it out for their nightly bedtime story.

Some might say I treat the boys like Royalty but I think they deserve it. :)

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - July 23, 2013 - "Coin Charity Challenge" - something from your local charity shop costing no more than the largest denomination that coin your currency has.

Daily Dog Challenge" "631. Royalty"

Bedtime Story

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Anonymous said...

Calvin & Hobbes is some serious quality literature! Great choice! And great photos!

Unknown said...

Great choice and enjoy. Have a wonderful wordless Wednesday.
Best wishes Molly

Unknown said...

Calvin and Hobbes is the best. The boys have good taste. And they deserve the royal treatment.

GOOSE said...

Of course they are worth it. My MOM reads to me too. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Calvin & Hobbes, great stories to read before bedtime, perfect to get those puppy dreams started off right!

Jane said...

Nothing wrong with treating your dogs like royalty! After all, they treat us like royalty! :)

houndstooth said...

I'm so jealous that you bought Calvin and Hobbs for a dollar! I love these!

Brando and Bogart said...

That is one well invested buck! What great books! Have a great Wednesday!

Flea said...

Every year for Christmas my boy gets at least one Calvin and Hobbes book. He wears them out, so I have to replace them. His siblings complain that they find them in the bathroom. He's my favorite child. ;)

Sage said...

And they loved every minute of it!

Anonymous said...

Very toyal readers! I should get my spaniels off t.v. and into reading!