Sunday, September 18, 2011


In Focus

Dog Blog Post #450: For Sunday's Daily Shoot assignment we had:

Make a "sharp" photo today any way you interpret it, either tack-sharp focus or a subject that is sharp itself.

... and while I would have loved to have taken a picture of a sharp dressed dog, it wasn't meant to be. Given the grim lighting in the house in the summer, I could either have a sharp picture (outside) or a sharp dresser (inside) but not both.

So I took the easy way out, and snapped some picture of Zachary, as Henry had been hogging more than his fair of camera time of late.

Zachary and the Weed
Zachary, Ball, and Weed

Sharply Focused Dog. The picture isn't half-bad either. :)

Cookie reward or Ball reward - any guesses?

Scavenge Challenge item:

19) Fine or massive, photograph a chain in such a way to give the viewer a sense of its size.


Spotted this beauty while walking toward the car dealer yesterday. What is it about rust that is just so enticing to photograph?

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Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Lacrosse ball?

Zachary looks sharp even when he's not dressed up:)

Chains and rust are interesting, and I love aged clay pots.

houndstooth said...

I still have chain envy!

A sharp-dressed dog would have been hilarious! I kept hoping the rain would let up during our drive and I'd be able to get a quick shot of Bunny, but it just downpoured on us most of the day.

I'm still mulling over what to do for today's DS. I am really stumped. It just seems so...blah!

houndstooth said...

P.S. You're right about color, but I have been in love with black Shepherds for a long while now. The important part is that the dog will work. I'll just say that I met the daddy of that puppy yesterday, who is working as a SAR dog now, and I met his brother, who is not, and I know which dog I'd rather have a puppy out of. My husband is completely sold on the pairing that we're waiting on, but the color of the parents really does not appeal to me. They're predicting puppies that are either black sable, (the color of the parents) or black puppies. I guess all I get to do is name the puppy. *sigh* I'll just say that getting this puppy is a much different experience than I've been used to with adult dogs!

Sheltie Times said...

They take the best head shots.