Friday, November 5, 2010

Puppy Shots

Dog Blog Post #150: It seems a shame to "waste" a rather significant posting milestone like Number 150 on something as mundane as going to the vet for shots, but there it is. If I waited for something interesting and exciting to happen before posting you might never hear from me again.

(OK... whoever muttered, "And the downside of that would be?" is about to kicked off the bus!)

Yes, today was Puppy Shot day. At 14 weeks old, this was Henry's third round of shots and his second official visit to the vets. You may recall that his first visit involved a metal gate, some lubricant, and five sets of able hands.

Even if I didn't recall that day (and I most definitely do!) I would be reminded of it as soon as I walk into the vet's office.

"Hi, Henry!", says the cheery receptionist as soon as we walk in. Since she has our appointment on her computer and his chart on her desk, her familiar greeting is not unexpected.

Then it starts.

"Henry?" asks the vet tech, poking her head around the corner. "Is that the puppy that had his head stuck in the gate?"

"Yup!", answers another tech, "hasn't he grown?"

"Awww, I wasn't there there day," bemoans a third, obviously feeling she missed out on something not-to-be-missed.

Someone else comments on how much better he looks without the head gear, and I hear how much it made everyones day to be able to free him.

(It certainly made my day to see him free, and in one piece!)

Ah memories...

As for the rest of visit, Henry is just fine. His baby teeth are starting to fall out, his weight is up to 23 lb, his temperature is normal, and he has a lovely temperament (so they tell me)...

... even when his head is stuck in baby gate.

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