Thursday, July 29, 2010

Training "Stuff"

This past weekend I broke down and purchased two sturdy 18 gallon Rubbermaid containers (henceforth known as boxes) to put my Canine Homeschooling "stuff" into, having discovered said stuff has migrated pretty much all over the house.

I know Human Homeschooler's of young children are instructed to assemble a variety of cheap items that can be used for a variety of things (think: crayons, pasta shapes, aluminum foil, paper plates, and plastic cups...) that can be turned into things for counting, measuring, building, stringing, decorating, etc.

So I'm thinking the same holds for the Canine Homeschooler...

... but what to put in the boxes?

Right now they contain:

Bigs Box (so called because it contains bigger things)
  • Two mats (for lying on)
  • 1 basket (for carrying)
  • 1 dozen cheap, flimsy, kiddie soccer cones
  • 1 paper bag full of scrunched up paper wads (not shown)
  • 1 square magnetic white board (for planning Rally courses)

Smalls Box (yup, the home of smaller things)
  • 1 Empty, never used, gallon-size paint can containing...
    • 1 small 8" plastic tube dog toy (for teaching Hold)
    • 1 telescoping clicker (Look At This)
    • 2 cheap paint brushes (Hold)
  • 3 Empty, never used, pint-sized paint cans (Shell Game)
  • 3 never used small plant pots (Shell Game)
  • 1 canvas bumper (Retrieve)
  • 6 small disposable plastic lids in zippered pouch (Scenting)
  • 4 bigger kiddie plates (I haven't a clue, but they were just $.99 each)
  • 4 small kiddie bowls (I haven't a clue, but they were also just $.99 each)
  • 4 canning rings in zippered pouch (should be 12 but I haven't found the rest)
  • 4 sturdy coasters in zippered pouch (Touch)
  • 2 packs of cheap white paper (for scrunching)
Things lurking yet unfound in the house:
  • 3 gloves (Retrieve)
  • 1 dumbbell shaped toy (Retrieve)
The boxes are stacked on atop the other, and on top of them are a stack of empty soda boxes (moved from the top of the fridge) for "Find It!". Shoved between the boxes and the wall is small pine board (1"x8"x18") for Contacts.

... and that's it.

In truth, the mats could be stacked on the boxes as well, leaving me one nearly empty box and one about half full.

That's it? 

Well, the dog toys have their own basket, the dog books go in the bookcase, the dog bones (food, treats) go in the kitchen cupboard, the dog adornments (collars, scarves, coats, boots) and other dog necessities and frivolities (meds, records, pictures, etc.) also have their own locations.

So... yeah, that's it.

But shouldn't there be more?

Well, you would think so. I'm thinking there should be:
  • a variety of things to:
    • find
    • hold
    • retrieve
    • touch
  • things to make picture taking fun (costumes and props)
  • things to use for Learning Games (but what???)
  • etc.
But I'm just not sure what those things should be.

So, if anyone has any thoughts for what should go in a "Canine Homeschooling Box", things that I can mix and match and have some fun with, things that can be used for "Enrichment Activities", things that every Canine Homschooler shouldn't be without, feel free to share!


Sam said...

What an interesting idea! I do a lot of training indoors, especially in the summer, due to my dog's noise phobias.

What about interactive dogs? Nina Ottoson's puzzles are expensive, but I have heard such great things about them! There's also a toy that delivers a treat each time the dog drops a tennis ball on to it (that's very cheap, I think $12 on Amazon). Those might fit your criteria for "learning games".

BZ Dogs said...

Thanks for the tips! I'll check them out.