Saturday, July 3, 2010

Scrapbook - 101 Things...

The other night I played "101 Things to do with a Box" using a Basket (Training Levels Four - Trick)

(To read about it CLICK HERE and scroll down until you find "Trick".)

I had been dreading this a bit, as Zachary already plays "101 Things..." with everything I set down in front him, which isn't necessarily a great trait as usually you are only interested one particular thing and not the other 100 he throws in, but I felt I owned him a bit of fun after all that Contacts/Rear-Paw-on-board stuff we've been working on (let's see, that would be on YouTube HERE and HERE.)

Anyway, suffice it to say that "101 Things..." is a game right up his alley. If you want see him in all his video glory, CLICK HERE.

Afterwards, I went through that video frame by frame and was appalled a the number of "Clickable Moments" I missed - a half-dozen or more. Times when he clearly did something different and I missed the difference entirely. Sometimes it was subtle, but often it was a paw switch on his part - doing something with a right front and then trying it later with a left front and me not noticing the change.

Anyway, I grabbed images from the video and put them in a few annotated pages. Time runs top to bottom, left to right, as though you are holding up two film strips side by side. The last page is the final shaping session at the end. Given his "artistic" nature, I didn't want to end the session without reminding him how we normally shape to accomplish something.

(As always, click to see larger)

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