Sunday, December 9, 2018

Santa Dog and his Elf

Good grief - has it really been a month (plus) since I posted last?

As always, my Flickr stream is updated MUCH more frequently (a couple times a week, hopefully working its way back nearly daily):

Moving right along...

Today I uploaded pretty much every shot I took, as I worked my from "easy" to "hard"...

In the Beginning...
Off to a good start

You'll notice that for several of these shots the boys are looking straight ahead. This is because Toby's much improved stay allows me to move behind the camera.

FWIW: In the shot above, Henry is looking at me while Toby is looking at my hand, which is stretched out, waving over the camera while holding a cookie.

Jingle Collars
Henry: "Toby isn't sitting up"

Yes, dear, I see that.

Jingle Collars
Not bad

Santa Dog and Helper 49/52
This was my favorite!

Let's turn it up a notch!

Santa Dog and his Elf
Santa Dog and his (wrinkled) Elf

Santa Dog and his Elf
Santa Dog and his Elf

Dog Blog Post #2510

The Elf hat proved problematic, as when Toby's head was down you could see the hat but he looked worried, and when his head was up he looked fine but you couldn't see the hat.

We worked multiple times on Hat Wearing over the course of the day - a few seconds here and there for lots of cookies - so by the time it came to making the shoot he was fine with it.

Toby's hat is held on by a thin plastic headband, which is taped to the inside of the hat. It wouldn't hold if he was moving around, but is sufficient for shoots and goes pretty much unnoticed - at least until I put the hat on it.

Henry's hat is just stuck on his head. But then, Henry's a pro at Hat wearing.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - December 6, 2018 - "Cube"

Yes, I should have turned the package so the corner was toward the camera (sigh).

But I was so focused about the REST of the shoot (hint: puppy) that it didn't occur to me at the time.

Daily Dog Challenge 2589. "Holiday Colors"

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Furries said...

Toby is doing a great job of learning how to be an elf. He has a wonderful teacher in Henry.