Thursday, September 20, 2018

What Did You Do?

What Did You Do?
Uncle Henry: "What did you do?"


... just a random shot that made me smile. :)

Dog Blog Post #2505

Puppies are so darned cute

Puppy vs. Hose

Puppy vs. Hose

Puppy vs. Hose

Puppy vs. Hose

Puppy vs. Hose

Puppy vs. Hose

Photography Assignment

Drinking from a hose is harder than it appears!

Not that Toby cares, as he happily stands there and slurps, snaps, and paws at the water on a warm late-summer's day.

His "wading pool" is a plastic storage box, possibly intended for large/long rolls of wrapping paper.

When full, the water comes to just bellow Toby's belly - just right for splashing around in!

After playing in the water, he trots over to a sunny spot of grass and rolls around with obviously puppy delight.

Henry keeps watch but abstains from the frivolity, which suits me fine. While I can dry off Toby in a few minutes with an old dishcloth-sized rag, the same can't be said for the Big Dog!

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Wet Puppy
Super Puppy!

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24 Paws of Love said...

Puppies are so darn cute!!

Furries said...

Uncle Henry, I got wet!