Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Good Cop

Good Cop
Officer Henry

Dog Blog Post #2492

Officer Henry with the Three bags of stolen Cookies he recovered.

Wait... what was that Cookie Rustler's name?

Oh... right... perhaps the less said about that, the better.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - June 12, 2018 - "Three"

Daily Dog Challenge 2413. "We Can Be Heros"

Henry was a Hero for simply putting up with a photoshoot tonight. The temperature spiked again and Henry was seriously unimpressed.

Yes, we have A/C, and yes it was on, but as we lack indoor canine plumbing the pup has to go out on occasion, and it takes him a fair bit of time to cool back down again.

So I took three pictures and called it night. For better or worse, this was the best.

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1 comment:

Furries said...

I have a feeling someone solved his own crime! But he was adorable doing it.