Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Cleaning Up

Henry, how about doing some dusting for me...

Do I have to?

Do I have to?
(tick tock tick tock)


Do I have to?

Do I have to?
(tick tock tick tock)

Dog Blog Post #2449

Swiffer - dusting has never been easier.

Introduced in 1999, it makes dusting almost fun.


Apparently, the boys think otherwise.

The boys' "looking up" pose takes advantage of their rock solid stay coupled with their love of cookies.

I give the stay cue right in front, with cookie in hand, then raise my hand SLOWLY straight up.

They hold their pose like good boys, but their eyes follow the Cookie.

The key is to move slowly. If I move too fast they'll raise their heads.

I like all the shots in the set, but thought the top one showed off the Swiffer the best.

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Do I have to?

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How Sam Sees It said...

LOL - we have to hide those things. Our pups like to rip them apart.

Monty, Harlow, and Ramble

Furries said...

Fantastic photos, and a very dust-free floor!