Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Mr. Henry
Henry: "Suave."

Mr. Henry
Henry: "Debonair."

Mr. Henry
Henry: "Charming."

Mr. Henry
Henry: "Smooth."

Dog Blog Post #1206

Good thing it's Wordless Wednesday, as I'm pretty much speechless about this one.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - October 15, 2013 - "Sparkle"

Daily Dog Challenge "715. Elegant"

Mr. Zachary
Zachary: "Cool."

Eh hem...

Mr. Zachary
Zachary: "Sorry Mom. Henry used up all the good adjectives."

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Unknown said...

Now I've got "All That Jazz" stuck in my head! :)

Unknown said...

Awesome photo! Has a "Who's bad" type of feeling - Michael Jackson's best days!

Piranha Banana said...

Very nice... love it!

Unknown said...

And sophisticated. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
Best wishes Molly

Michelle Liew said...

Absolutely oozes style!

Unknown said...

He knows he is just the cutest thing in the world, they say you're more confident if you are wearing a super awesome outfit!

Anonymous said...

Woo, looking all fancy! :)

Flea said...

I think I like Zachary's "cool" photo the best, but they're all very sophisticated. :)

NimaDogBlog said...

Super cool photos! Debonair is my favorite! If I had a doggie locker, I'd post it in there.

Unknown said...

What a model.

houndstooth said...

I love how you set these up, and I have backdrop envy again!

Louisette said...

Wonderfull fotos, class model, very proud, greeting from Belgium