Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Jar of Hearts

Jar of Hearts

Dog Blog Post #599: Today was one of the rare days that the Daily Dog Challenge took a back seat to other challenges - specifically Scavenge Challenge, as we're over half-way through the month and I'm not over half-way through the list.

Our Daily Challenge - "Lyrics/Poetry Inspired"

Jar of Hearts Christina Perri

Scavenge Challenge February 2012 - "6. Photograph something behind glass. If reflections are present, use them to advantage."

112 Pictures in 2012 - "#64. Bottle(s) or Jar(s)"

I liked the way the sunlight through the glass highlighted the words on the front cookie.

Daily Dog Challenge 107. Something Funny - Take a photo of your dog today that makes us laugh!"

A smile? Maybe. A bit of stretch to say this warrants a laugh. I had been hoping that I would get lucky and the boys would do something silly somewhere during the three different shoots.

Clearly, that didn't happen.

Today just wasn't the Daily Dog's Day.

Jar of Hearts

This was actually funny - in my head - when I dreamed it up. Unfortunately, it wasn't so funny when the shot was taken. The boys played their roles admirably - even better than I had imagined it - it just didn't "work" in the end.

The final series was a total write off with respect to the Daily Dog Challenge. The only thing funny here is the song.

Our Daily Challenge - "Lyrics/Poetry Inspired"

Camouflage Brad Paisley

Scavenge Challenge - Feb. 15, 2012 - "9. Photograph something from an ethnicity or culture which is NOT your own."

I may own a pair of hunting dogs - or rather dogs of a breed bred for hunting - but I'm definitely NOT the hunting type.




I don't know what the camera thought it was focusing on, but it sure wasn't the boys.

Guess that Camouflage worked TOO well.

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houndstooth said...

I wasn't thrilled with yesterday's shots either, and I know I'll be short on time tonight. I feel like I'm in a rut of ho hum, boring pictures. *sigh*

K-Koira said...

Looks like a time when autofocus just doesn't cut it. I've gotten into some arguments with my auto focus lately, causing me to do a lot more with the manual focus. Which sometimes works and sometimes fails me just as bad!