Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's a Beautiful Day...

Oh, what a glorious day it was!

The sky was clear and blue - the sort of day where you could see for miles and miles (assuming there weren't hills and houses and things in the way) - with the sun shining and temps just touching 60F. Who could resist getting out?

Not me!!!

So after my all my whining and soul searching in my prior post, it seems all I really needed was a nice sunny day to break me out of my "But I don't want to go out" huff.

(And of course, as I posted about it, everyone now knows I was huffing. Sigh.)

Zachary, the camera and tripod, some lovely chopped up turkey ham, and I took a stroll to a pretty patch of sidewalk/bike path we don't usually frequent. There, despite the novelty of the place, he was a super good boy and gave me all I asked for - even on grass!

That would be all of Level One (except Come - not possible there) plus Level 2 items:

Sit Stay (20')
Down Stay (20')
Stand Stay (10 seconds)
Handling (ears, feet, tail)
Trick (spin)
Zen (on a raised surface - in hand was done in Level 1)


Level 3 Loose Leash for 40'. Since this was On The Road, I'm thinking it does double duty for Level 3 -plus- Level 5's On The Road. I was a bit upset that when I looked at the video as it looks like I had food clasped in my hand (which I didn't!)... but I'll probably use the footage anyway. Who knows when I'll get out again.

Bottom Line (literally): I'm so proud of him!!!

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