Sunday, August 19, 2018

Bee Happy

Bee Happy 33/52
Bee Happy

Dog Blog Post #2500

Henry is such a good (and patient) boy.

118 Pictures in 2018 - #9. World Honey Bee Day (Aug 19th)

I made Henry's Bee Collar a few months ago, just for today.

The flower headdress and collar are much older.

Everything is made from flannel except for the leaves, which are felt.

The Bee Collar was pieced from strips of black and yellow flannel - at least on top. The backing is solid black.

Daily Dog Challenge 2480. "Black"

Out Daily Challenge - Aug 19, 2018 - "A Group"

A group of petals? A group of leaves? A (small) group of... Henry's!

Photography Assignment

Mr. Henry
Sweet Henry

Nice To Meet You
Gentle Shake

Highland Roots?

Stylish 32/52
The Stylish Canine


Dog Den?

Terribly sorry to fall so far behind, but we've been very busy cleaning house and garden. As always, pictures taken and updated to Flickr but (hangs head in shame) not here.

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Furries said...

I didn't know they made hidey-cubes big enough for Golden Retrievers. Bee Happy is a great photo.