Saturday, December 3, 2016


Football, yard work, Christmas Lights, a couple Christmas Props under construction for the boys...

Oh yes, and the occasional picture or two.


Peek-a-boo Henry!

Sequined Beauty
Sequined Beauty

Sequined Beauty
Sparkly Henry

Alas, my sequined remnant is only about a foot wide.

I might have to splurge one of these days and buy a usable length.

Our Daily Challenge - December 3, 2016 - "Bokeh"

Daily Dog Challenge 1860. "Beautiful and Artistic"

Cropped from top shot and saturated a bit


Folliow the Arrow
This way to Zachary?

Folliow the Arrow
What was I thinking?

Folliow the Arrow
Henry, unimpressed

Folliow the Arrow
Seriously unimpressed

Our Daily Challenge - December 2, 2016 - "Follow the Arrow"

Daily Dog Challenge 1859. "Symbol"


Near and Far
Watching Football with near dog and far

Near and Far
I guess they were underwhelmed by the game

Our Daily Challenge - November 29, 2016 - "Juxtaposition"

Daily Dog Challenge 1858. "Contrast"


Fall Colors
Zachary and leaves

Fall Colors
Leaves and Zachary

Easy "Plan B" shot, as "Plan A" - which required me painstakingly taping silk leaves to a backdrop - was uninspiring.

Our Daily Challenge - November 29, 2016 - "Minimalism"

Daily Dog Challenge 1857. "November Colors"

Plan A

Fall Colors

Fall Colors
... paws...

Fall Colors
... and leaf.

Dog Blog Post #2319


Photography Assignment

See above.

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Ruth said...

I like the paw ones. :)

Furries said...

Wow, so many great photos this week.
I think I've seen you use that sequined fabric before. I really like the way it sparkles against the boys' fur. The Sequined Beauty photo is beautiful.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Wow, amazing pictures you took last week!!! Love them all!! So bright and clear.