Saturday, April 17, 2010

On The Road

Today, Zachary and I headed out "On The Road" (again?)

This time we went to the outdoor Cafe associated with the Library. I picked that spot because I wanted to test a 20' Come (half of Level two's 40' requirement and twice Canine Good Citizen's 10' requirement) and I knew the area was somewhat enclosed and usually had at least a few people there - particularly on a Saturday as nice as today.

My thinking was that on the off-chance Zachary didn't come, he would go a-visiting. While that wouldn't be great, it would be a heck of a lot better than running out into the street or parking lot!

It turns out I had nothing to fear. After "warming up" testing Distance (2' around a cone) and Go To Mat (5'), and noting the mom reading to her sweet little girl just a few feet away, I put Zachary in a sit-stay and walked about 20' away.

"Zachary, Here!"

Zoooooooom... goes Zachary, and a heart-beat or two later he was looking up at me adoringly.


For our last "trick", I decided to test 10 seconds of Watch.

Yeah, right.

Remember that mom and the sweet little girl? They must have hit a funny part of the book. Every time the girl giggled Zachary just had to look. Every 8-9 seconds there would be another giggle, every 8-9 seconds he would look over. He didn't move, but he didn't keep eye contact continuously either.

As the book showed no signs of ending, I finally turned off the camera and tried to use it a teachable moment, but it's really hard to say if it sank in or not.

Finally, and the real reason we were there, it was time to do a Meet-n-Greet. Remember last time when Zachary had no "customers"? I was really hoping today wouldn't be a repeat. To that end, I parked him as close to the sliding glass doors as I could get without him triggering the auto-opening feature. I also timed things so the library was about 30 minutes from closing so I figured people would have to be leaving. Lastly, I had him all dressed-up in a cute red-heart scarf.

Once again, he looked adorable.

I wish I could say 1000 people came to say "hi", but I can't.

We certainly had many folks walk by - most within a foot or two - but most kept going in or out. Zachary was so good. He sat, stood, or laid down as I asked, he looked at the people longingly, occasionally had a quick hand to nose interaction, and was a really good boy.

He did get a few "takers" and his ability to stay seated is obviously still a work in progress, but all in all, I was pleased. I do think next time we'll have to find a new spot. This one just isn't working out as well for Zachary as it did for Beau.


Wendy Krehbiel said...

You might try Panama Bay coffee...

BZ Dogs said...

Every time I walk past there it smells like cigarette smoke. :(

Lise Whippetwalker, Bringer of Dog Treats said...

Now that is mysterious, on the lack of petters! Usually dressing the dog does it for sure.

BZ Dogs said...

I know, that's why I dressed him - well, that and the fact he just plain looks adorable that way. :) I don't get it. Things were better at Lowes. I haven't had him out since then as I've been swamped and just now coming up for air.